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Neda waterfalls

Neda, with a catchment area of 278 square kilometers, is the only Greek river with a feminine name. It creates a raw natural canvas of beauty in the southern part of the prefecture. Its name derives from Neda, the nymph of the waters and food of Zeus. The river starts its journey from the north-western part of Messinia, with its main sources on the southern slopes of the Lycaeus and some on the northern slopes of the Tetrazi.

Initially, it heads southwards, but after a few kilometers, it turns westwards, crossing the borders of the prefectures of Messinia and Ilia for about 32 km. It then enters the Kyparissia Gulf between the villages of Giannitsochori and Elaia. Along its route, it collects the waters of several smaller streams, such as the Pamisos or Amathos, which originate from the Minti.

For most of its course, the Neda creates a stunning gorge, with rich vegetation of plane trees, oaks, fig-trees, oleanders, and others. It offers an impressive variety of landscapes, with imposing cliffs, natural tunnels, and huge conglomerates, while the pale green waters are combined with waterfalls created at various points along the river on the Ilia side.