Hotel Olympos

Kaiafas Thermal Spa

The waters of the Kaiafa Baths are ideal for skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism, and liver diseases. The visitors of Kaiafa enjoy their hydrotherapy in a beautiful landscape of pine and eucalyptus trees and have a holiday of peace and relaxation away from the stress of the city.

The thermal springs of Kaiafa attract many visitors throughout the year and are an important source of tourism in the area. Hydrotherapy in these baths is one of the most effective and plays an important role in the lives of the residents and visitors of Caiafa, who come from all over the world to enjoy moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The warm waters of the baths come from the cave of the Nymphs of Anigrid, where, according to mythology, Dardanus, the ancestor of the Trojans, was born. The waters have been known for their healing properties since ancient times. The ancients attributed their healing properties to the nymphs who lived in the forests of the area, which is why they were adorned with temples and sacred monuments in their honor. In Lake Caiafa, apart from the thermal baths, visitors can engage in water sports and water skiing.

In this corner of Ilia, we have the facilities for the practice of the Greek Water Ski Team. The landscape here is strikingly beautiful and dreamlike, worthy of the legends that surround it. The hydrotherapy center of Kaiafa is very popular, hosting visitors of all ages from all over the world.

Here, visitors can combine wellness with recreation and indulge in the healing properties not only of the baths but also of the serene environment that calms and rejuvenates the soul and body. It is a fact that visitors to Kaafa visit the thermal baths during their holidays, after trying the spa treatments. Many visitors return again and again, touting the positive effects of the thermal waters.

We are always at your disposal to provide transportation for our hotel guests who do not have their means of transport, to ensure their visits to the hydrotherapies of the Kaifa thermal springs.